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I’m Kyle—a UI/UX designer who tackles big problems with little worry.

I’ve always been a bit stuck between the creative folks and the critical thinkers. That’s why I love design and all its hands-on, empathetic goodness. It marries my love for building things with a drive to understand the how and why the world works the way it does.

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Selected projects


Over 70% of charitable donations in the United States come from individuals, and increasingly people are donating via the internet. Small nonprofits dedicate significant time and resources to understanding how to reach their target donors online, and as a result they are duplicating their efforts. There is a need to match those charitable donors to nonprofits on a digital platform as the methods for volunteerism are rapidly evolving and participation is dwindling.

Client: Designation
Services: UI, IxD
Timeframe: 4 weeks


The rapid development of the Internet has unequivocally changed the world, and the music industry is no exception. Musicians seek meaningful collaboration partners, but have trouble finding other artists with complementary skill-sets and interests. When working in isolation, musicians struggle to complete original songs to share their product.

Client: Waaves
Services: UI, Website Design, IxD
Timeframe: 3 Weeks


Savvo is an integrated marketing firm that builds interactive wine sales kiosks for grocery stores, driving wine sales through suggested beverage and food pairings.
After iterating their design and business model towards this use case over the past few years, they were looking to partner with Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. Recently, they worked with their fourth DESIGNATION UX team to expand and adapt the interface for use in the winery’s tasting rooms.

Client: Savvo
Services: UI, IxD, UX
Timeframe: 3 Weeks

Two Hour Portraits

As a challenge to myself to continue growing my skillset and — maybe most importantly — to not lose touch with my graphic design background, I’ve picked up an Apple pencil and have began sketching 1-2 hour portraits. It’s been fun and has forced me to remember some of the basic tenets of life drawing that I’d forgotten over the years.

Services: Illustration
Medium: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil

Cutting Room Floor

Where designs go to die – a scrapyard of sorts. These are iterations on layouts that were rejected by clients for one reason or another. Some were purely experimental, while others made it to the last round before being discarded.

Services: UI, Web Design
Medium: Sketch, Photoshop

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oct 2017 - today
UX/UI designer at Codal
Chicago, IL
mar 2017 - sept 2017
Designer in Residence at Designation
Chicago, IL
nov 2010 - nov 2016
Graphic Designer at Advocate Health Care
Park Ridge, IL
june 2009 - nov 2010
Freelance graphic designer at Landa, Humble Pub, Ltd. Commodities and more
Chicago, IL