I'm Kyle, a UI/UX Designer living in Chicago.

I’ve got a growth mindset and a love of print design, vintage motorcycles and dogs.

In a previous life I worked as a graphic designer for the largest health system in Illinois, developing marketing materials alongside a healthy dose of empathy.

I understand that design has the potential to create real change in our communities, because I’ve seen it happen.

These days I collaborate with passionate problem-solvers to make each trip around the sun a little bit better with my colleagues at Codal. Feel free to take a look at my resume.


Functional and delightful web experiences that prioritize users’ needs, built with a healthy dose of design thinking.


Native and mobile-responsive designs that push beyond the out-of-the-box solutions and deliver engaging experiences for users.


Expertise in developing design systems and advancing brands across all channels, from web style guides to print and packaging.


Left-handed bat and recklessly committed to making plays in the outfield, will always bring a bag of seeds – a must-have addition to any company team.


Obsessed with motorcycles since an early age, my garage is quickly filling up with old Honda parts as I build a vintage cafe racer to accompany my modern Triumph.


Since pet ownership isn’t allowed at my current residence, volunteering at the local dog/cat shelter provides the warmth and unwavering love we all crave.

I'm on the internet!